High-speed fault clearing operation and safety of the individual bus segments and circuits connected to each segment, it is essential to ensure the stability of the power system, minimizing the risk of arcing and damage to equipment. Multilin protection devices and Control offer true integration of functions including protection, monitoring, metering, communications and control in a single easy to use. Our products ensure the required protection and control selectivity, and deliver the reliability necessary for even the most complex bus configurations.


The busbar protection relay Multilin B90, a member of the UR family, protection features breaker failure and re-configurable for MV, HV, EHV busbars multiple sections with up to 24 feeders integrated. Use one or more relays B90 together to build a flexible protection system that can be designed to meet specific application requirements. The B90 performs fast and safe protection bar low impedance with a time of 0.75 subcycle shot differential zones and 06 cycles per phase.


The protection relay Multilin B30 bar offers integrated protection functions, control and measurement for MV, HV and EHV bars, providing cost-effective, protection features centered bar. Using the B30 to protect busbars with up to 6 feeders with a maximum of two three-phase differential zones.


The MIB, a member of the M II of digital protection relays economical and highly functional family, is a microprocessor-based which provides high impedance differential protection for Substations phase busbars any voltage level relay.


Use the HID module in combination with an overcurrent relay high speed to provide a high impedance bus differential protection phase substation any voltage level. In addition, it can also be used to protect electrical machines such as transformers, generators or motors against failures Restricted Earth.

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