Protection and Control


GE manufactures individual high voltage capacitor units for power factor correction applications. The HV capacitor portfolio includes internally fused, externally fused and fuseless capacitors available in ratings of 25 to 1,000 kVAR for single-phase units, 300 to 400 kVAR for three-phase units and 2.4 kV to 25 kV.


GE offers a variety of valve regulators that enhance capacity, speed of response and accuracy. Our regulators are easy-to-maintain and can be used in a variety of natural gas applications


Multilin devices provide innovative solutions for the protection, control and monitoring of generators assets. From the protection and control of generators utilities to ensure secure interconnection of renewable energy sources to the network, synchronization and load shedding using advanced automation solutions, Multilin products and services work to maximize asset reliability and operational life


Multilin protection devices Control and provide innovative solutions to provide diagnostic and monitoring to detect problematic conditions before they become catastrophic failures for utility and industrial customers measures. Using advanced algorithms to detect abnormal conditions such as the hottest spot, aging transformer insulation and loss of life in the power transformer protection relays Multilin allow operators to follow a maintenance program as needed to reduce total life cycle costs.

Lines of transmission

Our solutions optimize transmission and increase system reliability. With the system monitoring tools in real time, using the measurement data Synchrophasor, utilities are able to pursue initiatives demand response schemes and implement corrective measures. capabilities of wide area protection, fault and disturbance analysis ensure utilities maximize power system reliability and customer service.


High speed clearing operation failures and safety of the individual bus segments and circuits connected to each segment, it is essential to ensure the stability of the power system, minimizing the risk of arcing and damage to equipment. Multilin protection devices and Control offer true integration of functions including protection, monitoring, metering, communications and control in a single easy to use. Our products ensure the required protection and control selectivity, and deliver the reliability necessary for even
more complex configurations bus.

Power Supplies

Protection and control devices Multilin improve power system security and to ensure the efficient recovery of distribution networks through schemes fault isolation, isolation and restoration of the electrical system. From the detection of falling power line and underground cables damaged using detection Hi-Z, detection of faults in emerging cables and mitigation arc, relays Multilin provide high-speed detection and isolation required for minimize system outages and ensure the safety of the operator and the general public.


Multilin devices to deliver the next generation, advanced motor protection with a full range of protection and control products for engines of BT and MT. Defense by engines of the hole transport systems low voltage pumps, Multilin relays provide the flexibility to meet the requirements of industrial protection. Along with advanced diagnostics, powerful automation and multiple communications options including support for IEC 61850, GE Multilin relays lead the industry in advanced engine protection.

EnerVista™ Software

EnerVista ™ is an industry-leading suite of software tools designed to simplify all aspects of working with GE Power and other field devices.

Media Converter

Ethernet Switches

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