UR built on the leading platform in the industry, the G60 offers superior protection for medium and large generators, including large steam turbines and combustion combined cycle generating units and various hydraulic circuits. The G60 can also be used in pumped storage generators without the need to change the CT secondary circuit.


Built on the industry-leading platform, the G30 offers advanced protection for small and medium steam, hydraulic and combustion turbine generators.


The Multilin 889 provides advanced, high-speed protection, programmable logic highly customizable, and flexible configuration capabilities to maximize operational performance and life of critical generators.


System Generator Protection SR489, a member of the RS family of relays, provides protection, control and advanced communications into a profitable industry leading removable module. Designed for generators of small and medium enterprises, the 489 offers advanced protection including differential protection of the generator stator. The 489 also includes detailed diagnostic information that allows less time troubleshooting.


The G650 is a Generation Protection and Control Relay designed for complete protection of small to medium sized generators and operate as a control system for distributed generation interconnections distributed. The G650 offers a cost effective and scalable solution that allows adaptation of protection, communications, and requirements for E / S to meet the needs of your specific application.


The MIGII, part of the M II of economic and highly functional digital relays family, offers complete protection for small generators. It can also be used to protect small engines, or as backup protection for transformers and large motors. To complement its protection and control functions, the MIGIIs easy to use controls and plug and play installation EnerVista compatible software make this product very easy to set up and use.

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