The L90 provides a differential current protection suitable for high-speed transmission lines and cables of different voltage levels, while support full distance protection applications and double switch suitable for single and three-pole tripping applications.


The L60 provides subcycle comparison protection quickly and safely phase for both lines two terminals and three terminals, series compensation lines, and one shot applications pole and three poles.


The L30 is a current relay profitable line differential protection intended for sub-transmission lines and medium voltage cables that provide reliable and safe operation even in the worst conditions of the power system case. The L30 provides fault detection and high-speed secure adequate space for applications three-pole tripping. The L30 supports communications between relays directly via fiber and RS422 standard G.703, C37.94 and telecommunication interfaces. The L30 also provides Synchrophasor measurements over Ethernet according to IEEE C37.118.

D90 plus

Our solutions optimize transmission and increase system reliability. With the system monitoring tools in real time, using the measurement data Synchrophasor, the control center are able to pursue initiatives demand response schemes and implement corrective measures. capabilities of wide area protection, fault and disturbance analysis ensure utilities maximize power system reliability and customer service.

C90 plus

The Multilin ™ controller C90Plus is a powerful automation that eliminates the need for multiple external devices such as programmable logic controllers substation disturbance recorders and devices. Highly customizable and scalable, C90Plus is designed to power failure and emergency events transmission systems and industrial power. The C90Plus intelligent high-end features and fast load shedding, protection and control of the bay, and integrated communications.


The D60 is suitable for the protection of transmission lines and cables, including equipped with series compensation lines. The D60 is compatible with applications double switch and can be applied in applications Unipolar or tripolar shot. The D60 is applicable to different protection schemes and includes protection communications between relays directly via fiber and various interfaces. The D60 also provides a measurement Synchrophasor over Ethernet according to IEEE C37.118.


The D30 is a cost-effective protection system suitable distance for primary protection of subtransmission lines and as backup protection for HV, EHV lines, reactors and generators. The D30 offers five protection zones away soil phase and, together with overcurrent protection functions complete voltage applications intended for three-pole tripping. The D30 comes with versatile functions automation system using a pilot custom, which can be built.

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