The Multilin devices provide the next generation, advanced motor protection with a complete line of protection and control products for engines Low and Medium Voltage. A defense pump motors for conveyor systems or low voltage, the Multilin relays provide the flexibility to meet the requirements of industrial protection. Along with advanced diagnostics, powerful automation and multiple communications options including support for IEC 61850, GE Multilin relays lead the industry in advanced engine protection.


The engine protection system M60 offers comprehensive protection and control solutions for medium to large three-phase motors. The M60 offers superior protection, control and diagnostics including thermal model with RTD and imbalance bias current differential stator, reverse and low forward power, the external RRTD module, two-speed motors, reduced voltage starting, detection of broken rotor bar, and more.


The engine protection system SR469, a member of the RS family of relays, provides protection, control, simplified configuration and advanced communications into a profitable industry leading removable module. Designed for medium voltage motors, the 469 offers advanced protection with customizable curves and unique overload differential protection CT for greater flexibility.


Designed for medium voltage motors, the 369 delivers a simple configuration setup using the settings of Auto-configurator engine, advanced graphical diagnostics with health report engine, smooth communication with multiple communication options and complete traceability of all configuration changes with changing security settings history Report, providing unmatched engine protection for AC motors of medium size.


Designed for medium voltage motors in industrial applications, the 339 offers unprecedented protection, control, communications diagnostics and a leader in the removable module industry.


The MM300 protection, control, automation, measurement, diagnosis and multiple communication protocols in a rugged compact device for applications of low voltage motors is integrated. Designed for NEMA and IEC Control Centers engines, the MM300 provides protection and control to extend equipment life and maximize uptime superior process.


The MM200 protection, control and multiple communication protocols in a rugged compact device for applications of low voltage motors is integrated. easily integrated into new and existing control systems architectures, the MM200 provides low voltage integral motor protection and communications for all types of motor protection applications.


The controls from SPM, synchronization, and protection of
O-type collector without motors or brushless synchronous.


O Module I / IDT provides temperature measurement capabilities for the motor protection relay Multilin 339.
The RTD remote module provides additional protection for engine applications by controlling the temperature of key components in the engine. All settings are fully configurable RTD through relay 339 and the engine through the EnerVista software.


The RTD module provides additional capabilities Remote RTD temperature measurement for other relays as 369.


The relay 239 is designed to completely protect the three-phase AC motors against conditions that can cause damage. In addition to protecting the motor,
relay has features that can protect associated mechanical equipment, give an alarm before damage results from a failure of the process, diagnosing problems
after a failure and allow verification of correct operation of the relay during routine maintenance.


Engine Manager II (MM2) combines control functions and full motor protection in one package. This compactodispositivo provides sophisticated control and protection relays with significant cost savings in discrete devices normalmenteque is in a control center low voltage motors.

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