The T60 is designed for various applications, including power autotransformers, transformers, elevators, starting phase generators, transformers and reactors angle adjusting. Uses multiple input current and voltage to provide primary protection and the protection of backup transformers, including differential, differential land, five zones away, phase, neutral and ground overcurrent, under and overvoltage, under and often excess flux, and switch failure.


The T35 is designed to provide basic protection features transformer for variety of applications processors. Uses multiple current inputs to provide primary protection and backup protection of transformers, including differential phase and ground overcurrent. The relay can be configured to accept up to 6 sets of current inputs to provide adequate security for differential applications with three windings of transformers with windings configured in dual switch agreements.


The Multilin 845 offers advanced features for a wide range of transformer applications delivering high-speed protection, logic customizable programmable for monitoring the transformer and advanced diagnostics and support for the latest communication protocols for easy integration into systems of new energy or existing.


The transformer protection system 745 is a transformer protection relay with all suitable for application in small, medium and large power transformers features. 745 can be applied in the two-winding transformers and three winding. Uses multiple current and voltage inputs to provide primary protection and backup protection of transformers, including differential, differential ground phase, neutral and ground overcurrent, excess flux changer and on-load tap.


The 345 is a microprocessor-based protection for primary and backup transformers low and medium voltage system. The 345 provides advanced algorithms for automatic compensation of magnitude and phase for more than twenty types two winding, fast and secure polarized transformers differential protection with dual slope characteristic double break point.

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